Crafting words to build your business online.

Customising Written Content

Our writers are skilled at developing content that appeals to specific target markets.

No matter how unique or specialised your service or product offering is, we have the expertise to develop content that resonates with your customers – so readers become buyers.

Getting the Tone Right

The tone or “voice” we adopt when developing content depends on the business and industry we are writing about.

For example, mining and construction companies typically suit written content that is professional and trustworthy in tone.

Creative businesses are more suited to describing and feeling words that trigger emotions in readers.

Of course, most industries sit somewhere between the examples above, with many having their own unique personalities for our writers to discover and adopt.

Businesses with Branding

We love learning about new businesses. And we work hard to develop a tone and personality that fits in with your existing branding.

Our writers always develop a sample of written content first. So you can determine whether our content hits the mark.

If it doesn’t, we develop the sample until you are happy with the result.

Businesses without Branding

Many of the businesses we work with have little to no marketing material. In this situation, we work with you to develop a tone that suits your business.

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