Crafting words to build your business online.



Q. How does payment work?

A. Full payment is due at draft stage. This is when all content is finished, just before final amendments are made.

Q. What if I want changes made?

A. Every quote includes up to 3 rounds* of amendments. Read more.

Q. How can you write about my business?

A. We have written for hundreds of businesses from many different sectors – from mining and finance…Read more.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. We always give people 1 week to approve content. If you choose to take 1 week, then the entire process… Read more.

Q. What is a blog?

A. A blog is a short article posted on your website. The best blogs give people valuable information… Read more.

Q. How does blogging help my business?

A. People are inundated with marketing messages everyday. Traditional “push-marketing” methods… Read more.

Q. Do you do rush jobs?

A. We do! But we never rush them. If a client wants us to develop content within an impossibly… Read more.

Q. Why do you give me deadlines?

A. Deadlines keep the copywriting process moving along. Read more.

Q. What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A. Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the process of manipulating a website so that it is more likely to… Read more.

Q. How is Search Engine Optimisation different to regular copywriting?

A. Search engine optimised copywriting or SEO copywriting is developed specifically for search… Read more.

Q. How much do your services cost?

A. A standard web page* of written content costs $160 (exc. GST). Read more.

Q. When are you open?

A. We are open for business Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Q. Why do you only work Monday to Wednesday?

A. Writing great content requires concentration. Read more.

Q. Who is Verb Web Copywriting?

A. Verb Web Copywriting was founded by Sarah Robinson, a law graduate with a passion for… Read more.

Q. How do I know your services will work?

A. Most of our clients report that after adding content developed by us, their business receives more… Read more.

Q. Can I write my website myself?

A. Yes. Anyone can write their own website. But writing a website well is another story altogether. Read more.

Q. Why do I need a website copywriter?

A. A professional website copywriter develops content specifically for web audiences. Read more.

Q. Do we need to meet?

A. Meeting in person is not a necessity. Read more.