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What do you Think?


Phew! I just developed a survey for my clients to fill out after using Verb’s services. I have been meaning to do this for ages.

Perhaps I was putting it off for a reason. Finding out what people really think about you (and your business), is scary. And I certainly feel that Verb is a big part of me.

Strongly Disagree

In fact, I did a ‘Test’ survey and forgot about it, then I saw a response in my email box and felt quite sad that the person had ticked ‘Strongly Disagree’ to every positive question.

Then I remembered I had filled it out.

Feedback is Good. Bad but Good.

In any case, getting feedback is hard but always great, since it’s a wonderful way to grow and improve the way you do things. Of course, it’s never easy hearing that you could have done things better, but really, who is perfect?

That reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Salvador Dali. (Also one of my favourite artists!)


Fill it Out! (If you want to)

So if you’d like to fill out my survey, then head here.

And don’t worry, you can be honest and authentic and true. (Since it is anonymous if you want it to be!)

Thank you and goodbye!

Sarah and Team Verb