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Why remarketing on Facebook improves ROI


Every business owner wants to improve ROI by increasing profitability and minimising expenditure.

Remarketing on Facebook can help you achieve this goal.

How? By reaching existing and potential customers in a cost effective way. And by increasing your brand awareness.

Below are 5 more reasons why remarketing on Facebook will improve your ROI.

5 reasons why remarketing on Facebook will improve your ROI

  1. Remarketing on Facebook is straightforward.
  • Firstly, segment your website visitors (click here for more details).
  • Use analytics to segment your traffic into approximately three groups; those who are customers, those who have browsed your website in depth but made no contact and those who stumbled across your website and don’t know much about what you offer.
  • Secondly, create ads that target these groups directly.
  • Then, remarket on Facebook (click here for more details.)
  1. Remarketing on Facebook has a lower cost compared to remarketing on Search Engines.
  • This is because when users are looking for specific products or services on a search engine, they are being specific. Therefore it’s more expensive to advertise in this realm.
  • Remarketing on Facebook however, exposes users to the ads while they are doing something else which costs less because technically the user isn’t looking for your product or service.
  1. Remarketing on Facebook enables your business to stay in the customer’s front of mind.
  • When potential clients are searching for information, they often visit a number of websites, surfing and gathering data. You know how it goes… you get lost surfing the web and before you know it you’re wondering what you were looking for?
  • Remarketing on Facebook deals with this issue as it can enable your business to return to the customer’s front of mind. You will also gain credibility as you become more recognisable.
  1. Remarketing on Facebook encourages loyal customers to spread the word of your great product or service with others.
  • Loyal customers are likely to repost or provide positive comments on your posts.
  • This contributes to positive word-of-mouth and helps your brand develop a stronger reputation, which will ultimately lead to greater profits.
  1. Remarketing on Facebook can be used to connect your brand to a wider audience of people who have shared characteristics with those groups who you have already engaged with.
  • This is called creating a list of a lookalike audience.
  • We call it this because it helps you target potential customers who are also likely to be interested in your product or service.

If you want to know more about how remarketing on Facebook will improve your ROI. Or if you’d like to know more about developing an online social media presence – drop us a line at Verb Web.

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