Crafting words to build your business online.

Writing Connects Businesses to Customers


It’s been far too long since I have blogged on my own website, although it feels like I am constantly blogging. (Just for other businesses!)

Which brings me to my next point. Every day, I wake up and just can’t believe that I get to write for a living.

I just love learning about other people’s businesses and discovering how to connect with the people who could truly benefit from their services.

Okay, that’s it. No more gushing from this point forward.

Bigger than Business

The people I work with really love and care about their clients. And more often than not, they’re working towards a bigger cause.

  • I met with a woman a couple of weeks ago who is setting up a business based around empowering and supporting mums. Her passion was touching and contagious.
  • Another one of my clients is a town planner. She has created an online program that will save owner-builders so much time and stress. (I can’t say more! It’s not out just yet…)
  • Then there’s a Croquet Club that just wants people to make new friends and have a bit of fun in the sunshine.

Solving a Problem

So what’s the common thread?

These businesses are not just about conversions; they’re about solving a problem. But the best thing is, that by approaching business this way, they seem to attract even more business for themselves.

They relate to that part of us that wants to fix what’s wrong in our lives. Whether it’s meeting new friends, getting our home built faster or making sure we don’t miss those special moments with our kids.

What about me?

I love speaking with my clients about what problems they are solving for their own clients. It brings everything back to a human-level.

It dawned on me that I spend a lot of time thinking about the problems other businesses are solving, but I don’t do this for Verb.

I used to tell people that I write ‘words’ for businesses. I’d also gesticulate to demonstrate that I meant writing words with a pen, not code or horse riding. Then I’d explain that I use a computer.

So I gave it a shot. What does Verb do for people? Here’s what I came up with…

Verb supports businesses that care about connecting with customers through the power of written content.


Your challenge!

Can you describe what your business is about in one sentence? Business coaches make a living from helping business owners work this out. There are also some great resources online that can give you a helping hand.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Sarah and the Verbymites.